A Royal Retreat: Raigad Trip

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A Royal Retreat: Raigad Trip

This hill fort was constructed by Raje Chandraraoji More of Jawli and later conquered by the great Indian king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who made it his capital in the year 1674 and eventually established the great & powerful Maratha Empire encircling it. The fort is situated in the Sahyadri mountain range and is 820m (2720 ft) above the sea level. There are 1737 steps leading to the fort. This fort was captured and looted by the colonial British rule in the year 1818. The fort was previously known as the fort of Rairi. It was Chatrapati Shivaji who went on to rename it as Raigad which means the King’s fort. The chief architect behind the fort was a certain Hiroji Indulkar.

2300 - Tour will begin from Borivali National Park with pick ups available along the below route. (Route – Borivali – Sion – Chembur (Maitri park) – Vashi – Panvel ).

0500 - Arrive at hotel in Pachad on Saturday early morning for breakfast.

0600 – Enjoy a delicious breakfast.

0700 - Proceed towards ropeway station, for an enjoybale ropeway ride to the top of the fort.

0830 – Arrival at Raigad (Depends on the queue).

0830 - 1230 - Raigad walking tour.

1230 - Authentic lunch at Raigad fort.

1330 - 1500 - Remaining Fort visit and start descending by steps.

1700 - Return journey towards Mumbai (Approximately 5 hrs).

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