Nane Ghat

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Ancient Trail of Naneghat

The ghat region of Sahayadri Hills is known for its amazing waterfalls, beautiful lush green forest, and rich cultural heritage. Located 5 hours away from Mumbai, this place is a real escape away from the city with your family and friends. Visit places such as Nane Ghat, Malshej Ghat, and Ancient temple of Nageshwar Mahadev.

The Kalu River reverse waterfall is a hidden gem tucked away among the Sahayadri Mountains, where the speed of wind is so immense that it literally pushes the water backwards, forcing it to rise in misty plumes, which can blow over a large area.

Day 1

06:00 AM – Our Journey will begin from Borivali National Park gate

08:30 AM - Arrive at Hotel for breakfast (30Min break)

09:00 AM – Continue on our journey to Malshej Ghat (50min)

10:00 AM - Photo stop at Malshej Ghat to take in the breathtaking views for 20min

10:20 AM - Proceed to Nageshwara Temple (15min)

10:45 AM - Arrive at one of the main highlights of our journey. This 3 hour visit allows you to experience all 3 attractions of Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, NageshwarTemple visit and the Kalu River Reverse water fall

Day 2
Day 3

13:45 PM – Journey on to Nane ghat (1hrs)

14:45 PM – Stop for a Sumptious lunch at a local restaurant (1hrs)

15:45 PM - Visit Nane Ghat - the 2200 year old ancient trade route.

17:00 PM – Once stacked with all the beautiful pictures of our incredible journey, sit back and relax as you proceed on your journey home (5hrs)

22:30 PM – Our tour ends at Borivali National Park Gate.

Day 4
Day 5

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